Sorry for the delay, I have updated the gallery with high-resolution screencaps from the first half of the second season of From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series.

Millennium Films’ submarine action-thriller has added another member to its crew, drafting Zane Holtz for a key role in the story about an untested sub captain teamed with an elite military unit to rescue the Russian president from an ongoing military coup. Joining Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman, Billy Bob Thornton, Common, and Taylor John Smith, Holtz is playing “Martinelli,” a courageous, skilled member of the elite unit that is part of 21st century American military power. Donovan Marsh is directing the Original Film production from a script by Peter Craig.

Source: Deadline

YahooTV shared first look photos from the upcoming season of From Dusk Till Dawn. I’ll update the photo when it’s available in HQ!

Update: Replaced with untagged and higher-quality version.

Seth and Richie are back on the same page now working with the culebras. But, once again, the Geckos find they need Santánico’s help.

Robert Rodriguez’s Take: “Dusk has always been a Gecko Brothers story, and Seth and Richie are definitely back. When Season 3 opens, they’re working for the culebra crime bosses — but when that world gets blown up, the boys start putting together a crew to take on a dark new threat.“

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